What We Do

Our Mission is to be trusted advisors to HR and other Business Leaders
  • We close the gaps on organization performance and team execution
  • We help leaders execute on their goals
  • We provide hands-on help to offer custom, differentiated solutions
  • We provide HR consultants or interim professionals for your team.
  • Dealing with resource constraints? Need expertise for a critical project? We’ve been in your shoes. Our expertise is HR.


Talent Management and Strategy We integrate all of these processes together

  • Leadership Development and Executive Coaching
  • Performance Management
  • Succession Planning (E to E TM)
  • Employee Development and Training (Light for Phase 1)
  • Total Rewards (Career Ladders, Grades, Bonus Plans, Benefits)
  • Core HR Processes
  • Interim HR (Policies, M&A Integration)


Organization Design and Strategy Knowing how to make the needed changes a reality (not just delivering proposals or list of activities)

  • Advanced Modeling Scenarios
  • Change Management
  • Communication Plans
  • Corporate Culture Analysis
  • Cross-functional Stakeholder Support
  • Project Management
  • Team Assessment/Team Effectiveness


Workforce Planning and Analytics Synthesizing the data, understanding the impact and knowing how to respond

  • Advanced Modeling Scenarios
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Risk Assessment
  • Skills Analysis
  • Strategic Plan Alignment
  • Workforce Analysis
  • Culture and Engagement (Employee Engagement Survey, Multi-generational Workforce)

Executive Effectiveness

Right leaders, right time, right role – these are the keys to executive effectiveness. Reliantz brings a wealth of experience helping C-suite executives be successful in settings from global Fortune 50 companies to startups. We employ a variety of tools and strategies to set development goals with leaders so that their strengths are aligned to the needs of the business and they become the best leaders they can be. We apply similar approaches to helping leadership teams be more effective.

  • Executive coaching
  • Executive leadership facilitation to create talent strategies
  • Individual and team assessments to build practical, actionable development plans
  • Executive outplacement to respectfully transition leaders to new opportunities
  • Succession planning to ensure an organization has the needed bench strength to be successful long term

Organizational Effectiveness

We are essentially at full-employment and many companies are battling to find – and hold onto - the people they need to meet their business needs. According to research, the one thing keeping most C-suite executives awake at night is concern about having the talent to meet the needs of their growing business. A tightly aligned business and talent strategy is critical to ensure leaders can attract and retain a highly qualified and fully engaged workforce. We help business leaders define and articulate an employment brand, and provide practical strategies so they lead in a way to live out that brand, so that a company’s evolving culture satisfies both the organization’s financial goals as well as the employee’s goals to have a meaningful and fulfilling career.

The Reliantz team conducts sessions with executives to ensure business goals and strategies are well defined and translated into effective talent strategies to meet the organization’s goals. We are experienced in defining needed competencies, organizational structures and change management strategies that result in successful outcomes for the business. We can also facilitate sessions for vision mapping, culture definition and talent acquisition road maps. The goal isn’t words on a Powerpoint but rather real-world plans to achieve a strategy – these may include:

  • Internal communication tactics and messaging
  • Succession plans and talent acquisition and development goals
  • Onboarding programs
  • Employee engagement surveys and action plans

Merger and Acquisition, Due Diligence, and Integration Planning

The make or break factor for mergers and acquisitions is people. A rock solid business case and fiduciary due diligence can’t make up for a lack of fit between the cultures, or the leaders or both. In addition, whether a company is acquiring 5, 50, 500 or 5000 new employees, the same steps have to be accomplished to ensure compliance requirements are met, and employees on both sides of the deal are engaged and productive.

The Reliantz group has led the human resources due diligence and integration work stream for multiple acquisitions since involving thousands of employees and billions of dollars in revenue. We offer due diligence and early stage integration consulting for small to medium sized companies seeking to maximize the value of their acquisitions. We customize a solution that is appropriate to the existing human resources team of the acquiring company – from offering a full turnkey package, or training an HR staff to become self-sufficient for the next deal.

Several components comprise the human resources work stream leading up to the day of close:

  • Compensation & Benefits including philosophy, bonus structures, merit approach.
  • Talent Acquisition Processes including contract vendors, candidate management systems, background check approach.
  • Talent Development Approach and Processes including compliance training, skill training, leadership development.
  • Employee Communications Frameworks including internal communications channels, communication methodology, style and frequency.
  • Policies and Handbooks including assessment of policy similarities and gaps.
  • Performance Management approach and philosophy.
  • Span of control analysis and org structure mapping.
  • Employee transition support for off-boarding.
  • “Wet blanket” analysis – what to do when things go wrong.

Total Rewards and Recognition

An effective total rewards and recognition program optimizes a system of pay, benefits and recognition to motivate and recognize employee contributions that impact business and client outcomes. We believe in paying people for the impact they have on the business and can help set incentive metrics that work within a company’s financial framework. The Reliantz team has extensive experience in creating rewards systems from scratch, as well as auditing and updating existing strategies to meet changing business conditions in a competitive market. We help leaders attract, retain and reward high quality employees with a fair and competitive market-based total rewards and compensation plans.

The employee benefits piece of the total rewards puzzle is increasingly expensive and complex, and what employees want has changed since many of us entered the workforce decades ago. We help companies ensure their benefits packages are competitive and affordable, and help executives communicate effectively with their employees regarding their benefits plans. We believe benefits are more than just health insurance plans, and we build integrated plans that engage employees in achieving the business goals while ensuring they can care for themselves and their families.

Social networking and its utilization in the work world has changed how we recognize our employees’ achievements. We have implemented a variety of recognition programs utilizing both technology and good old fashioned human connections to shine a spotlight on employees who meet and exceed their goals. We help executives create these strategies with an eye toward reinforcing the culture they hope to build within their company.

Human Resource Organization Support

The human resources function of a small to medium sized, fast-growing company often evolves from a relationship with a few contract recruiters, or from asking another C-suite executive to “handle HR for now.” While this tactic works in very early stages, every company reaches a point where it needs experienced human capital management to ensure the talent ecosystem and infrastructure is on target to meet the company’s needs. The Reliantz group can offer the support and leadership needed as an executive team evolves to include its own seasoned HR leadership. We help leaders determine what they need and when to implement it - both in terms of human capital management programs as well as HR staff.

In addition to the leadership and structure of an HR team, businesses often delay critical compliance and management training until a problem arises. We assess the health and status of an organization and implement core training strategies to ensure people managers are well equipped to lead in a complex and diverse work environment. Reliantz leaders have extensive experience conducting impactful and interactive management training that does more than check-the-box – it impacts and inspires people to be better leaders. We also help define and communicate crucial policies to protect both the company and its employees.

  • Defining the HR structure and roles for a Chief HR Officer and staff
  • Sourcing and integrating HR leadership
  • Creating and implementing core HR-related training
  • Defining and developing critical policies and the necessary communication plan to implement them
  • Building an internal communications framework to maximize employee engagement

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